8.7 bls and 19 inchs long

Bringing the new additon back home

Preston loves his little sister. When he came to see her at the hospital his face said everything. He was in amazed by her. He is very gentle and wants to help and hold her all the time.

It was a long Easter morning for us. It all starte at 12:00 am and ended with a baby girl at 11:24 am. The labor was a lot harder then with Preston. It would have helped (a lot!) if the epidurel would have lasted the whole time instead of stopping right before the end of labor. All in all we are very happy that she is here.

More beautiful pictures to come.

Preton loves to give his little sister a kiss and a hug.

This is a strainer from Preston's kitchen. It use to not be bent until he fell off on it with his head.
It left a good mark.
Always making a mess with the paints.

Getting into everything when mama is not looking. I love his face on the bottom picture.

We were wanting to take a trip over the long weekend but didn't know where to go. Eric called me Friday afternoon and told me to pack a bag for me and Preston. He didn't tell me where we were going just that I needed to bring a lot of warm clothing and a swim suit. The swim suit ws throwing me off. He came home from work, packed and then we were off. We were heading to Grandpa and Grandma Lemen's house in Oregon. We were staying the night then all of us were heading out in the morning. The secret did not last long. The one person who thought he coul keep a secret blew it. My father in-law. We were going to the beach and staying at a resort right next to the ocean. On are last day we quickly got a family photo in the morning. It was so cold that morning!
This is the view from our hotel. Ther is a path along the beach that Eric and I walked for a bit on morning while everyone was still asleep. Good thing for Grandparents so were could leave Preston behind.

Preston's first time on the Oregon Cost. He was so excited. When we first took him out of the car he had the biggest grin on his face and could not wait to go explore. The only thing he did not like was the waves coming in towards him. I think he got scared because the first time he went a little to far out and Grandpa had to grab his hand and pull him towards the beach.We tried to fix our mistake of making it scarey, but when a wave would start to come in he would run to who ever was the closest and try to climb up their leg.

We found some dums that the boys got to play on. The girls got to go into Fred Meyer to do some baby girl shopping.

Eric getting the kite ready for Preston to hold. Preston also LOVED doing this. He saw us buy the kite, but we did a lot of sight seeing the the morning and was planning on flying the kite after his nap. The whole morning he would say, "Kite now." The wind was blowing pretty hard and Preston was fighting to hold onto the handle. It was super cute.

After our trip we stopped off at the Lemen's house to stretch are legs and have lunch before heading back home. Preston got to ride his quad all by himself with Eric fallowing behind. He doesn't have the concept that he has to turn if he doesn't want to run into a bush.

Sorry that the video is sideways. I wasn't holding the camers right.

Grandpa and Grandpa Lemen came up for the weekend to go cu down a christmas tree with us.
We got to push Preston on the railroad tracks. (We thought there was going to be a train we could ride on, but the man has been working on in for 7 years now!) We still had a good time.

It is a huge tree! I had to get more lights to finish decorating it. It was about 11 feet tall.

Preston was so happy when he got to make a snowman. After it was done he kept pulling the carrot ou.

We woke up to the beautiful snow falling down. It was not cold enough to stay for a long time, but it kept falling. When Preston woke up, I let him look out the window and he was really excited. He kept saying, "snow. Snowman," and put his hand together abouve his head to indicate a snowman. We put on his boots and coat and let him play in it. He was out no longer then 5 minutes and came running to the door crying because his hands were so cold. Time to get snow gear.

We went down to Oregon to be with family and friends to have Preston's birthday. He is now 2 years old. His birthday was fun so I am sure Christmas will even be better.
Preston and his cousin Rylee.

Rylee got Preston markers and they got to color together. He just LOVES his cousin Rylee.

My little monkey

We went to a small local pumpkin patch as a family to pick out our pumpkin.Preston got to play
on a hill made out of wood chips. He loved it!

Being so patient

Preston and I went down to Utah to visit family. We had a really good time. (Thank you Janna for flying us down.)
We got to. . .
. . . Feed the ducks. . .

. . .make donut with Aunt Mindy. . .

. . . have the best smoothie in the world. . .

. . . play at the park with Grandma and Aunt Janna. . .

. . . take pictures at temple square. . .
(more like run around)

. . . hang out with Grandpa. . .

. . . wear funny hats. . .

. . . play in the plants. . .

. . . pick tomatoes form the garden

and eat them. . .

. . . and water the flowers. We had a great time.