8.7 bls and 19 inchs long

Bringing the new additon back home

Preston loves his little sister. When he came to see her at the hospital his face said everything. He was in amazed by her. He is very gentle and wants to help and hold her all the time.

It was a long Easter morning for us. It all starte at 12:00 am and ended with a baby girl at 11:24 am. The labor was a lot harder then with Preston. It would have helped (a lot!) if the epidurel would have lasted the whole time instead of stopping right before the end of labor. All in all we are very happy that she is here.

More beautiful pictures to come.


cheerfulchick said...

AWWWWW! she is soooo cute!!! I can't wait to hold her!!!!

Josh & Brandi said...

congrats Lemen family of four!

Matthew and Christina said...

I know I'm late with my congrats but....Congrats. She is beautiful. I hope you are adjusting to being a mom of two.